Checks You Need to Make Before You Cut Down a Tree

If you want to remove a tree from your property for any reason, you first need to find out whether you're able to do so. There are both federal and local restrictions when it comes to removing certain trees, and these can apply even when you just want to reduce its size with some aggressive pruning. A significant tree might be protected due to its size (its height, the circumference of their trunk, or the size of its canopy), it might be a protected species, or it might be a habitat for a protected bird or animal. [Read More]

Reasons Why Stump Removal Is Prudent For Your Yard

Although trees are tend to enhance the overall aesthetics of any property, there do come instances in whereby your residence may be better off without the tree for various reasons. A mistake some people make is having the compromised tree cut off, but leaving the stump in place. This is not advisable though as left over tree stumps can pose an array of risks if not addressed. This is why it is always advisable to seek professional tree stump removal services like Waratah Tree Services, whether you have had the tree removed yourself or moved into a property with tree stumps in the yard. [Read More]

Reasons to Engage Professional Tree Lopping Services

If you have trees in your yard, undoubtedly you have had to engage in minor maintenance to keep them in good condition. This may include pruning diseased tree limbs, removal of dead branches and more. If your trees requires extensive lopping though, then you will be better off engaging professional tree lopping services. Here are some of the reasons why it would be better to enlist the services of the professional rather than undertaking the labour intensive task on your own. [Read More]

Commercial Tree Removal Questions Answered

The benefits of having an abundance of trees in the natural environment are well-known. A large number of business owners are often worried about tarnishing their business reputation by having trees removed from around the commercial premises. The truth is that tree removal is a necessary evil. Despite their many benefits, an abundance of trees can also have negative implications around a commercial entity. This article provides answers to three frequently asked questions about commercial tree removal. [Read More]