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Reasons Why Stump Removal Is Prudent For Your Yard

Although trees are tend to enhance the overall aesthetics of any property, there do come instances in whereby your residence may be better off without the tree for various reasons. A mistake some people make is having the compromised tree cut off, but leaving the stump in place. This is not advisable though as left over tree stumps can pose an array of risks if not addressed. This is why it is always advisable to seek professional tree stump removal services like Waratah Tree Services, whether you have had the tree removed yourself or moved into a property with tree stumps in the yard. Here are some of the reasons why stump removal would be prudent for your yard.

Leftover tree stumps pose safety hazards

Depending on how low or camouflaged the tree stumps are, they can pose a serious hazard for the residents in that home. This is especially true for homeowners with children as they could easily trip and seriously injure themselves while playing in the yard. Additionally, the tree stumps can cause mechanical damage to machinery such as lawn mowers if you are not paying attention to where it is located. Rather than having these potential risks on your property, it would be better off to simply enlist professional stump removal to eliminate the hazards.

Left over tree stumps may still have growing roots

A misconception that people have is that once a tree is felled, the remaining stump will be dead. This is not always the case. In some scenarios, the roots of the tree continue flourishing and growing, as long as they are receiving nutrition from the ground. As such, you may think you do not have to worry about overgrown roots, until they begin to cause damage to your underground plumbing, driveways, sidewalks or the foundation of your home. By the time you realize this, the damage it may be too extensive and would require exorbitant repairs. Additionally, compromised plumbing will not only mean replacing the piping, but it also puts your home at risk of water damage.

Left over tree stumps pose the risk of pest infestations

On other occasions, you may not have to worry about the roots growing as the tree stump will be dying. However, this poses an entirely different danger in the form of pest infestations. As the stump begins to rot as it dies, it becomes a prime breeding ground for an array of critters. If termites begin breeding in this tree stump, then it will just be a matter of time before they breach your home. It should also be noted that a diseased and decaying stump could also affect other plants that are in close proximity to it, and this could compromise the overall aesthetics of your yard.