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When Should You Seek Tree Lopping Services?

Tree lopping is considered to be an extreme tree pruning technique by most people because it involves the removal of large sections of the tree, like the stem or branches. However, this procedure can offer a unique set of benefits provided it's handled by an expert and for the right reasons. Usually, it's commended by arborists after assessing a tree's condition. This post outlines circumstances when your tree expert may recommend tree lopping.

If a tree isn't healthy

Whenever you plant trees in your compound, you want them to grow and be healthy. However, some factors can make it impossible for your tree to stay healthy, and that's where tree lopping comes in. For instance, if some parts are dying off as a result of a disease or pest infestation, your arborist may opt to lop the tree to get rid of the damaged parts. This is done carefully so future regrowth can be optimised. In fact, regularly trimmed trees tend to be stronger.

Tree lopping can also be done to help trees survive throughout the harsh climate. This minimises the use of water and essential minerals while preserving its structural integrity since there are no branches and leaves.

When a tree grows uncontrollably

Do you have a large tree in your compound that has grown uncontrollably over the years? Such trees often have unpleasant appearances since they lacked maintenance for years. If pruning cannot rectify the problem, your tree specialist will recommend tree lopping. Depending on the situation, the arborists can opt to use selective lopping methods designed to enhance the tree's aesthetics and balance. Note that this may change the tree's size and shape, too. Once the procedure is successful, you'll need to ensure the trees are maintained regularly to avoid subjecting them to extreme pruning in the future. 

The safety of your loved ones should always come first, so if a tree has become a threat, the problem must be handled right away. Tree lopping is one of the best procedures you can consider if you notice that the tree's branches can injure a person or animals because they are too low, hollow, diseased or dead. Issues can also occur when branches get close to the power lines. If a storm comes and you have such a tree in your compound, your family and neighbours won't be safe. Fortunately, tree lopping offers a means to get rid of weak/ dead branches, prevent electrical problems, avoid injuries and save your home's structural integrity.