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3 Traits of a Top Wholesale Nursery Supplier

An excellent landscape is often elusive for most homeowners mainly because they don't conduct thorough research when choosing a wholesale nursery. If you are going to do the landscaping yourself, then it is essential to get everything right from the word go. It starts with knowing how to identify the right wholesale tree supplier. However, if you have not shopped for trees before, the chances are that you will choose the first wholesale nursery that you come across. Understandably, it can be challenging to select a tree supplier if the vendors are numerous within your locality. However, top tree suppliers have specific traits that differentiate them from average wholesale nurseries. This article highlights the attributes you should look out for when shopping for a wholesale nursery supplier.

In-House Landscaper -- The primary function of a wholesale nursery is to supply seedling and young trees to customers. Since most clients buy trees from landscapers, a top wholesale nursery should provide advice on landscaping issues. If a wholesale nursery has an arborist on board, then customers will get useful consultation on what trees suit their requirements. However, you need a qualified landscaper who can answer any questions regarding landscape layouts. For instance, if a customer has a deck overlooking a portion of their lawn, the landscaper should advise on the best trees or shrubs to enhance the aesthetics of the deck. Ultimately, an in-house landscaper helps customers to make informed decisions when shopping for trees without the added cost of hiring the landscaper independently.

More than Just Trees -- A top wholesale nursery supplier should offer customers more than just the trees. While it is true that most DIY landscapers go to nurseries with the sole aim of buying trees, the enthusiasts do not mind checking other items that they might require for their landscaping projects. For this reason, wholesale suppliers must offer other items such as landscaping and gardening tools, fertilisers, and plant pots. A nursery that stocks different, but related items enhances a customer's shopping experience.

Focus on Native Plants -- Customers expect wholesale nurseries to cater to all their plant requirements. The only way that wholesale nurseries can manage this is by focusing on native plants in their area of operation. However, it does not mean that they should not sell exotic trees that perform well locally. It merely means that by focusing on indigenous plants, a wholesale nursery supplier understands the importance of retaining the natural outlook of the landscapes in the locality. It is essential because it helps customers to avoid buying invasive plants for their landscapes.