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How to Not Feel So Bad About Having a Tree Removed

A beautiful shade-providing tree on your property is like a good friend. You see them every day and they are always there come rain or shine providing you with a fiery display in autumn, sweet-scented (mostly) air in spring, and a rich green canopy in summer. However, no matter how much you enjoy looking at them or enjoying their shade on hot summer days, you can't stand idly by while they tear up your driveway or invade your water pipes.

It is never easy to remove a tree that you have become attached to but even if there is no other way, you can still reduce the heartache by honoring the memory of your tree and the time you had together. 

Plant a Replacement Tree Before Removing the Old One

Perhaps you planted the tree unaware of the problems that would occur later, or maybe the previous homeowner planted it. Either way, your tree isn't to blame for the damage to your driveway, fence or sewage pipes. A great way to feel better about removing your old friend would be to plant a replacement tree and give it time to settle in before removing its predecessor.

Semi-mature trees are ideal, as they have been reared and prepared for this purpose. Semi-mature trees are grown in specialised nurseries and come bare-rooted, root-balled or containerised. If you choose this option, make sure you consult with your tree provider to learn exactly how to care for your new tree to give it the best chance of flourishing in its new environment. Also, consider placement, as otherwise you may face similar problems to those encountered with the original tree. 

Think About the Stress the Tree Might be Under

Trees might look solid and indestructible but they suffer just as we do if their environment is tough on them. Trees in driveways for example, surrounded by concrete, will suffer and eventually die. You might just be saving your tree a lot of stress by removing it. 

Find a Carpenter to Ensure the Tree Lives On

If you know someone that loves turning wood into furniture, get in touch with them and arrange for your tree to live on as tables, benches or even a full set of furniture for your garden. A designer in Sao Paulo does the same with fallen trees, turning them into sculpture furniture for the city's parks and streets. 

At least this way, you can be sure your tree lives on and continues to provide a service to its environment. 

However you decide to lessen the emotional stress brought about by removing your tree, remember to hire a professional arborist to carry out the tree removal for you. A good tree removal company should even be able to advise you on the ideal planting location for a new tree in your yard.